In my recent client I had a feature to get the list of private IP addresses of Azure virtual machines based on theirs tags.

For apply this I used the Azure cli tools and execute this command

az vm list-ip-addresses --ids $(az resource list --query "[?type=='Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines' && tags.ENV == 'DEV'].id" --output tsv) --query "[][0]" | jq -r @csv


The sub part of this command:

az resource list --query "[?type=='Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines' && tags.ENV == 'DEV'].id" --output tsv

return all ID of resources of types VirtualMachines that have the tag ENV = DEV.

We can add more tag filter for e.g. tags.ENV == 'DEV' && tags.TYPE == 'SQL'

This result is in input of the command

az vm list-ip-addresses --ids <result>

the result is list of IP addresses properties


I also filtered this result for get only private address IP by adding --query option by filtered the 1st private address IP

--query "[][0]"


That it’s the essential of the command. For by feature I added jq for more formated result as string list with comma separator as jq -r @csv

And the final result is:


That’ all.

Now we get dynamically the IP list based on tags we can apply this for multiple use cases for example :

  • to use Nsg rules source or destination range IP based on tags VM.
  • export this on CSV file for monitoring