Announcing my new book Terraform Cookbook

I am pleased to announce the official publication of my new book focused to Terraform called Terraform Cookbook.

In this book which is in a cookbook format you will learn mainly through many recipes to:

  • Installing Terraform
  • Writing Terraform configuration
  • Using Terraform’s command lines
  • Creating and use Terraform modules
  • Using Terraform for Azure provisioning
  • Testing the Terraform code
  • Integrating Terraform into a pipeline CI/CD with Azure DevOps or GitHub Action
  • Using Terraform Cloud

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Installing Terraform on Linux

HashiCorp has recently announced in this blog post the possibility to download their tools (Terraform, Packer, Consul, …) via a classical and official Linux packages manager.

In this blog post, I expose how to use this repository for download the Terraform binary on Linux operating system.

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Get list of Azure VM IP addresses based on tags

In my recent client I had a feature to get the list of private IP addresses of Azure virtual machines based on theirs tags.

For apply this I used the Azure cli tools and execute this command

az vm list-ip-addresses --ids $(az resource list --query "[?type=='Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines' && tags.ENV == 'DEV'].id" --output tsv) --query "[][0]" | jq -r @csv

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Create a private Azure Pipeline Agent using Packer, Terraform and Ansible

In this article I present how I build my private Azure pipeline agent in Azure based on Packer script provided by Microsoft that it’s use for build the Hosted Azure pipeline agent.

For build my private agent I do that in 4 steps:

  1. Create an image (VHD format) with Packer script provided by Microsoft
  2. Use this VHD for create a custom VM image with Terraform
  3. Provision a new Azure DevOps Pipeline Agent VM with Terraform
  4. Install and Configure the Azure DevOps Pipeline Agent with Ansible

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