All my VSTS Extensions resources

In this post I reference all my resources for create and publish  Visual studio Team Services and TFS Extensions.

My first and more usual resource is the Visual Studio Marketplace for search, install and Download all public VSTS / TFS extensions :

 Official documentations

Microsoft official documentation : 

Visual Studio Marketplace Publishing portal :

Visual Studio Team Extension SDK code and Documentation :

 Samples Code and OSS extensions projects

Microsoft extension samples code for all extensions type :

Microsoft ( + ALM Rangers ) list of OSS extensions :

Microsoft Collection of all RM and deployment extensions :

Add toogle control in VSTS extension Work item form :

 Blog posts

 Manually Install & Manage Extensions on TFS :

Building VSTS/TFS Tasks with TypeScript and VS Code:

Visual Studio Marketplace is moving to a new markdown parser:

Writing a VSTS / TFS task that uses 7zip:

Running powershell before Get Sources in VSTS / TFS Build:

Build a dashboard widget extension that calls the analytics service :

VSTS Extension Work Item Limits :

VSTS extenion: Improving load time by concatenating modules :

Define a custom Authentication Scheme for your VSTS extension:

Binary promotion of Visual Studio Team Service Extension :

debugging-your-vsts-extension :

VSTS Extension Build Relationships :

Build and Release Task for Extensions of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS):

Publish your VSTS extension using Team Build and Release Management :

Publish your extension to a local TFS Update 2 server :

Using TypeScript for Visual Studio Online Extensions:

Permission error with on-premises TFS when accessing the API with a PAT:

Consuming VSS.SDK.js :

Authoring VS Team Services extension with Build/Release Tasks :

Putting a release process around my VSTS extension development :

Creating a VSTS dashboard widget :

My First VSO Extension: Retry Build:

Install Visual Studio Marketplace extensions directly to Team Foundation Server :

Let’s Make a Visual Studio Team Services Extension:

Using BaseUri to develop your VSTS extension :

Presentation of VSTS extensions :

Creating an VSTS extension :

Publishing a VSTS extension :

A ‘Hello World’ for VSTS Extensions :


From ALM | DevOps Rangers Blog 

 Value Stream Mapping for our VSTS Extensions :

 Blog posts serie on Office UI Fabric for VSTS Extensions:

  • Office UI Fabric for VSTS Extensions : link
  • Getting Started : link
  • Typescript tools: link
  • a few moving bits : link
  • Extension Time: link

Using the NavigationService in your VSTS and TFS extension:

Building VSTS Extensions with feature flags Part 3:

Building VSTS Extensions with feature flags Part 2:

Building VSTS Extensions with feature flags:

How to create or upgrade your team services extension in 4 steps:

How to integrate Application Insights monitoring in your Team Services extension :

Application Insights tokenization for Visual Studio Team Services extensions :

Generate Team Services extension starter kit with the Yeoman generator VSTS-EXT :

What we delivered in latest releases of the team services extension generator :

Extensions experiencing – Hang – Does not load – HTTP 401s in browser console on upgraded TFS server  :

Getting started with Widgets :

Developing the Widget :

Issues and resolving them :

Publishing Widgets :

Why are extensions requesting permissions to access resources? :

Extensions 101 – Attempting to visualize the main processing flow :

Testing a Team Services extension and tracking code coverage :

Accessing Azure Storage from a VSTS extension:

Set up a CI/CD pipeline with unit testing and code coverage for your Team Services extension :

Our first steps of embracing DevOps when building Visual Studio Team Services Extensions :

Contributing to the VSTS Developer Tools Build Tasks extension:

I need an on-prem version of the Visual Studio Team Services extension!:

Explore the “Surface Owner” VSO Extension – 1. Getting started:

Publishing Visual Studio Online extensions within the preview:

About Visual Studio Marketplace  
Extension reporting hub for Marketplace publishers

VS Marketplace – Publisher Pivot:

Paid extensions in the Visual Studio marketplace :

Sell VSTS extensions :

Tips and tricks for search on Visual Studio Marketplace:

Now Rate and Review extensions on Marketplace!:

French articles  
[Partie 1] Présentation des extensions pour VSTS :

[Partie 2] Création d’une extension pour VSTS:

[Partie 3] Publication d’une extension pour VSTS :

[Partie 4] Installer une extension sur TFS 2015 :

 MSDN Magazine

DevOps – Applying DevOps to a Software Development Project :

 Videos and training

Microsoft Virtual Academy : Extensions and Widgets for Visual Studio Team Services:


Extensions-102-Gotchas-and-debugging :


Team Services Extension generator :

Cross-platform CLI for TFS and VSTS :

Track telemetry data for your Team Services extension :

Extension Download Monitor Widget :

VSTS Developer Tools Build Tasks :

Visual Studio extension : VSTS Extension Project Templates :

Need your resources

If you find interesting resources, send me to add them to this list.

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